navic remote connection mysql database report

Navicat remote connection mysql database report

This question is said because there is no permission in the table in the MySQL database in the database server (you can also say no user)

1130 - Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

As shown below:


First, Windows interconnected

1, used by MySQL 8.0.21, is the fault to connect another report in Windows. In the following interface, use the SQL statement to perform an error, don’t know why, please pass the big gap to give a guidance! ! !


2, then manually change the way

Six steps below:


View the data in the User table: SELECT `Host`,` User` from `User`;

Refresh: Flush Privileges;

Connection success:

Description: I have to remember when I write SQL, add “;” 哟


Second, connect the MySQL database on Linux

1, connection server: mysql -u root -p

2, see all current databases: show data;

3, enter the mysql database: USE mysql;

4, check all the tables in the mysql database: show tables;

5. View the data in the User table: SELECT HOST, User, Password from User;

6. Modify Host: Update User Set Host = ‘%’ WHERE User = ‘root’ in the USER table;

7. Final refresh: flush privileges;

8, exiting mysql: exit;

Successful connection: