Linux system

linux system

FTP server

DNS server

Disk management, partition, mount

Install the virtual machine, Redhat, CentOS

This lesson, Centos8

Command line, fast access

1. GNU

2. GPL


Open source software

MYSQL, fiefox, php, tomcat

Linux system

More users, multitasking


Main version number

This version number, odd development board, even stable version

Revision number


The 18th revision

Linux distribution can freely choose the kernel using a version

Linux generic version

Linux kernel + = complete a variety of free software operating system

Auxiliary installation, package management, etc. provided by the manufacturer

The name of the release, the version is determined by the release vendor

centos computer name xuyuelong full fight

System logout

Logout, just quit the current user, log in again


System logout

logout, exit, ctrl + D

System inflation

reboot or shutdown -r now or init 6


When starting your computer, start the init process first.

Yes, the system process, 6 representation level, is shut down


Halt or Shutdown -h now or init 0

The teacher said VMware 15, 12 is more stable on Win10.

Before the operation, change the computers name