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released the first version from 1995 up to now, Java language has gone through 26 years of ups and downs, the latest version of Java also has iterated to Java 16.

java there is a huge ecosystem, its coverage is very wide, and has topped the list of ten consecutive years of development language, so java compared to other languages, it is very stable.

JAVA market

java market has a very wide range of applications, its ecosystem, covering almost all of the hardware and software currently on the market, java almost everything you can think of, java basic can achieve (although a little big blow, but not deny).

  • web Development:

do large Internet sites such as Jingdong, Taobao, all networks, where the network, the US group and so on.

java have a great advantage in the development of high-access, high concurrency, clusters of large sites.

  • Development mobile terminal:

all current APP on the phone and some code-behind page java mobile terminal is able to do.

  • Client Development:

The main aspects of information systems for government, public institutions and large enterprises, such as health care, schools, OA, mail, voting, finance, test, logistics, mining and so on. In fact, these applications can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as the hospital’s registration system, the company’s punch card systems, logistics systems.

From the point of view java recruitment site demand is very large, some say java is saturated, the saturation is just for those just learning java engineers soon without any development experience is not to say that a beginner can not find java development-related work, NO! There are internship positions.

Java learning route

a, java basic grammar

  • The preparation of HelloWorld
  • Constant
  • Variables
  • Data Type
  • Operator
  • The method
  • The flow control statements
  • IDEA Use: Use the most current business development tools
  • Array

Second, the object-oriented

  • Class
  • Object
  • Package
  • Inherited
  • Polymorphic
  • constructor
  • super
  • this
  • Interface
  • abstract class
  • The rights modifier
  • The inner class
  • Random
  • ArrayList
  • String
  • Arrays
  • Math

The three, API

Common API: Date, DateFormat, Calendar, System, StringBuilde

Fourth, the collection

  • Collection
  • Generics
  • List
  • Set
  • Collections
  • Map
  • HashMap
  • Fifth, abnormal
  • Abnormal system
  • The malfunction classification
  • Statement catch exceptions thrown
  • custom exception

Sixth, multithreading

  • The concept of threads
  • Thread Synchronization
  • Lock
  • ​​Thread Life Cycle
  • Thread Pool

The seven, Lambda expressions

  • Functional Overview ideas
  • Lambda standard format
  • Lambda Grammar and Notes

eight, IO streams

  • File
  • byte stream
  • The character stream
  • commutations
  • Efficient Flow

Nine, network programming

  • The three elements of network programming
  • Socket principle mechanism
  • UDP transmission
  • TCP transmission

X. database

  • mysql
  • jdbc
  • Connection Pooling
  • JdbcTemplate

eleven, front-end technology

  • html5
  • css
  • javascript
  • bootstrap

twelve, linux

  • linux installation
  • Directory Operations
  • File Operations
  • The network operations

thirteen, nginx

  • nginx installation
  • Configure
  • deployment

fourteen, xml

  • xml basic grammar
  • Constraints

fifteen, jsonp

  • jsoup Overview
  • jsoup use role
  • xpath

sixteen, Servlet

  • tomcat
  • request, response
  • cookie, session
  • jsp
  • el
  • jstl
  • Filter

seventeen, web development asynchronous

  • jquery
  • ajax
  • json

eighteen, redis

  • nosql Introduction
  • redis data types
  • Common Commands
  • jedis

nineteen, maven

  • maven concept and role
  • idea maven integration
  • maven commonly used commands
  • Dependency Management

twenty, spring

  • spring architecture
  • spring Configuration
  • bean management
  • IOC / DI, AOP
  • Transaction Management
  • spring5 new features

twenty-one, spring mvc

  • springmvc Overview
  • Controller
  • Common Annotations
  • parameter binding
  • json data exchange
  • resutful
  • interceptor
  • File Upload
  • Exception Handling

twenty-two, mybatis

  • Custom mybatis framework
  • mybatis entry
  • Architecture Analysis
  • Common API
  • The configuration and transaction management
  • mapper agent
  • The data encapsulation
  • dynamic sql
  • related inquiries
  • Performance Optimization
  • query cache
  • SSM integration

xxiii, expand

  • Oracle
  • springboot
  • spring data jpa
  • springcloud
  • vue.js
  • The distributed services
  • Middleware
  • The high concurrency
  • The micro-services technology, etc.

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