Reverse actual combat | Galgame's Chinese research (new pit)

The new pit is it.

Mainly in the snow, I saw such an article:
When you look at it, you feel very simple, people are numb, people are numb, every game is not quite, I used my resource to try.

I chose Clannad, the program itself adds shell, I didn’t carefully study this shell, I think I can see it directly.
The main game catalog is this: (because I used the other people who used the Chinese version to unload the Hanhua to try, so it may be different from the original version)

The main program is Reallive.exe, there is no other DLL, straightforward.
Run the game first, then on CE (CEYYDS):
I accidentally press it, but it doesn’t matter, I will search for this string directly.
There is a big pit here, the CE is not searching the code segment by default, but because there is a case, he is all the same, remember to check CodePage:
Then still find it, there is no relationship, because you should press the GBK search, you should press SJIS, so I use the editor to create a TXT and save the code to SJIS and then search this string. The HEX can be used. .

Part of the non-green base is the location of the string resource file we have to find!

The way the verification is also very simple, that is, Browse The Memory Region, then find a little other string to get it to verify:
For example, we take this whole stroke to read:


88 EA 96 CA 81 41 94 92 82 A2 90 A2 8A 45 81 63
Write in the form of HEX and then read with SJIS:


Very nice:


You can find some of the scales of the ASCII to try:


Beliefly, we can find the location of the target in memory, then the hardware breakpoint is debugged.
(I have so much today, there is time to continue 23333)