isNotblank usage

InsNotempty also uses spaces as parameters, and ISNOTBLANK excludes space parameters.

The operation object of theStringUtils method is an object of the java.lang.string type, which is a supplement to the String type operation method provided by the JDK, and is null security (ie if the input parameter string is null, no NullPointerException, butDo the appropriate processing, for example, if the input is null, the return is also NULL, and the specifically can view the source code).

In addition to the constructor, there are more than 130 methods in StringUTILS, and all static, so we can call ()

public static boolean isEmpty(String str)
Judging whether a string is empty, the standard is the standard is str == null or str.length () == 0

public static boolean isNotEmpty(String str)
Judging whether a string is not empty, equal to! ISEMPTY (String STR)

public static boolean isBlank(String str)
Judging whether a string is empty or length of 0 or consisting of blank characters (Whitespace)

public static boolean isNotBlank(String str)
Judging whether a string is not empty and the length is not 0 and is not composed of blank characters (Whitespace), equal to! Isblank (String STR)

import com.baomidou.mybatisplus.core.toolkit.StringUtils;

if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(sysOrgCdc.getLc())) {