In the middle and high-grade Android interview, you have to know the knowledge point, Framework source code

Android advanced learning route

First, basic skills:

1, in-depth Java generics
2, annotation
3, concurrent programming
4, ​​data transmission and serialization
5, Java virtual machine principle
6, reflection and class loading
7, high efficiency IO

Second, Android framework architecture

1, advanced UI promotion
2, Android component kernel
3, large project must IPC
4, data persistence
5, Framework kernel analysis

Third, 360 full performance tuning

1, design ideas and code quality optimization
2, program performance optimization
3, opening efficiency optimization

Fourth, design ideas interpret the open source framework

1, hot repair design
2, interpretation of the plugin framework
3, Component Framework Design
4, Picture Loading Framework
5, Network Access Framework Design
6, RXJAVA Response Programming Frame Design
7, IOC architecture design
8, Android architecture components JetPack

Fifth, NDK module development

1, NDK knowledge system
2, underlying picture processing
3, audio and video development
4, machine learning

Sixth, architects refining into actual combat

1, architecture design
2, online mall project actual combat
3, news client project actual combat
4, multi-format player project actual combat
5, Gradle Automation Project

Seven, WeChat applet

1, UI development
2, API operation
3, WeChat docking

Eight, Hybrid Development and Flutter

1, HTML5 project actual combat
2, Flutter


Finally, for programmers, there are too many knowledge content, technology to learn, and if you want to eliminate environmental elimination, you only have to continuously improve yourself.I have never adaptable to the environment, not the environment to adapt to us!

Here the technical system diagram related to the above technical systemTencent, headlines, Ali, US groups and other companies 2021 interview questionsSubject technical points into video and PDF (actually spend a lot more energy than expected), including知识 脉络 + Many detailsDue to the limited space, it will show a part in the form of a picture.

I believe it will bring you a lot of gains:

When a programmer is easy, when an excellent programmer is to continue learning, from primary programmers to senior programmers, from primary architects to senior architects, or management, from technical manager to technical director, each Phase I need to master different capabilities. Determine your career direction early, in order to open the peers in the work and ability.

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