G9U5-1 Researching a new city

1 Vocabulary City vocabulary

residential areas 居民区theater  剧院subsequent use 后续使用symphony 交响乐relieved 松了口气Describing cities

Most cities can be divided into areas or neighborhoods.

The theater district is very popular with tourists.The Back Bay is a beautiful residential area but quite expensive.

Each city is unique and has its own characteristics and qualities.

It's a historic city with both traditional and modern architecture.It's a very livable city. There's great public transportation and many parks.Crime, pollution and the weather are important to a city's quality of life.The city is known for its extreme winters.


It’s very livable with good public transportation.

Quality of life depends on things like crime.

The Back Bay is a beautiful residential area.

The city is known for its extreme winters.

It’s a historic city with a mix of architecture.

The theater district is where the symphony is.

2 Grammar Review:articles

Indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’

Use a and an before a non-specific, singular noun or the adjective that comes before that noun. These articles mean ‘one.’ Also, use a and an when identifying something.

It’s a district of the city.

We work in an office in the financial district.

It’s a beautiful residential area.

We had an awful winter.

Definite article ‘the’

Use the before a specific noun or the adjective that comes before that noun. Use the for unique places and for things that are named, like the Red Cross.

The symphony is located downtown.I really appreciate the traditional and modern architecture.The Back Bay is a beautiful residential area.

First vs. subsequent use

Use a and an to introduce a noun the first time it’s mentioned. After that, use the.

We visited a wonderful museum on the weekend. The museum is famous for its historical paintings. Some people say the museum is one of the best in the country.

Select the correct words


Fill in the blanks with a,an or the,Type the correct answers in the gaps.

We visited some friends in Boston last summer. We had an incredible time, but one day was extra special. Our friends took us to a baseball game. It was so much fun. The Boston Red Sox won the game, so everybody went crazy. After that,we went to an Italian restaurant in the North End. That's a famous restaurant district. The food was so good. It was a great day.

3 Expressions City information

Asking for information about a city

Use questions like these to ask for information about a city.

A: So what is Barcelona like?

B: It’s an incredible city.

A: What are the best areas for renting apartments?
B: You should look in the north, where it’s cheaper.

A: Where is the office located?

B: It’s right downtown in the financial district.

Use responses like these to comment on a city’s features.

A: There are museums and a symphony.

B: Sounds like there’s a very good quality of life.

A: You can easily get by without a car.

B: I’m so relieved to hear that.

A: Housing is so expensive. You’ll need a roommate.

B: That sounds reasonable. I’m open to anything.

Read the conversation about the woman’s move to Paris. Move the text to the correct gap.

MAN: Well, a historic city like that is very popular with tourists, so apartments are extremely expensive. You might want to look at residential areas far away from the city center.WOMAN: That's good to  know, but my office is right in the center of things.MAN: Don't worry. Paris is known for its great public transportation. You won't need a car.WOMAN: I'm so relieved to hear  that. Where I'm living now, I can't imagine life without a car.MAN: And I don't want to scare you, but you will be shocked  by the rents. You might want to consider getting a roommate.WOMAN: That sounds reasonable  . I'm open to anything.MAN: And despite the rents, it's a very livable city. People walk everywhere, and there's always so much to do. The museums are incredible and the food – well, you know, just wonderful.WOMAN: It sounds like  a really great quality of life.

4 Final Task A new city