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1.Android system market status
2. Skills growth experience development by the Android program
3. Why do I need to learn HTML5?
4. Why not replaced the front end
5. Why do the applet cannot replace native development?
6. Why HTML5 cannot replace nativeApp
7. Application scenario in Html5 in Android
8. How to become a qualified advanced Android programmer

How to become a qualified advanced Android programmer

First plan your professional plan (direction is important):

First give yourself a goal first, it is to do what positions in this industry have reached a few years. This is a longer time. So I suggest that everyone will give yourself a salary goal, for example, the hopping of 15K later. Want to enter what companies are relatively short-term goals. When we set these goals, we will go rigorously to improve our professional technology at the time of work. Go to the gods, after all, some people have more stronger than yourself.

Three years:

I personally think that the first Kan of the programmer is a three-year-old person, such as Java, these people are basically skilled in increasing the investigation. Most of the regular project development can be used to complete the mission of the company, this is a standard primary programmer. But after three years, if it is still like this, then this person will basically abolish. Some people will use the short time outside the work to learn that they have no touched technology and go to the underlying principle of technical books. In the past three years, you will have a lot of technology.There are also some of the technical levels within the three years basically not improved. Three years later, the gap between the two batch of programmers will be divided into two levels.

Five years:

As a five-year programmer, the project has been made. At this time, you should go to the architect or project manager, not just an ordinary programmer. In fact, I think the programmer is also a physical worker, keeping a written code every day. If the company has more projects, it also needs to work overtime. Have a long time, you can’t help it.So you should give yourself a goal, use all the time you can use, reach your technical level to architect technology level, and the promotion of the position is great for a person’s career.

Ten years:

During the decade, it is basically an expert in this industry. It is generally chosen to start business, and anyone can not help the temptation to return to the return. So in this stage, in addition to refining technology, you should constantly learn your own management capabilities and your ability to speak, prepare for entrepreneurship.Even if you don’t go out to start a business, ten years of this hurdle, you should reach the standard of CTO.


(1) Android Junior Programmer

Summary:Can work, have learning skills, can follow team members;

Skill:The use of the basic components, familiar with Java basic grammar, GSON, XML data resolution, third-party framework, familiar with Android’s common API, familiar with the use of network framework or API, master database related knowledge points, familiar with Android four Large components, life cycle, proficient in interface layout, understand the organization architecture of the Android project catalog, etc.

Requirements:The primary programmer generally grows from the computer. Of course, it is also possible to be a web or a big bull in other respects. If you want to be a high-priced junior Android programmer needs more reading Write more, you can understand the code of others. Can know what the problem is probably, and the Android system already has a preliminary understanding.

Android large factory interview basis title collection

Android programmer 1-3 years basic knowledge points

(2) Android intermediate programmer

Summary: You can analyze the problem and can solve the problem;

Skill:Understand the signature mechanism of Android (principle, specific operation, etc.), package mechanism (multi-channel packaging, packaging process, etc.), learn about APK installation file compression (compressed pictures, code compression, .so file compression, etc.), Event distribution, view drawing process, WebView related knowledge points (interaction with native, performance optimization, etc.), familiar with the use of databases (basic API, third-party ORM framework, ORM framework, etc.), Java reflection principle and simple practice Wait, Activity’s startup mode, Activity, Service, Fragment, BroadcastReceiver Broadcast Lifecycle, Screen Adaptation, AIDL and Messager simple, custom components (customized View & Custom ViewGroup), animation (complement animation, frame animation , Attribute animation), notification bar message, new version of the version, etc.

Requirements:Start reading Android and source code, not only can understand other people’s code, it needs to be able to modify others source, not only the architecture of Android, constitute a form, common open source community, and technical points can be in the chest.

Android big factory interview interview set

Android programmer 3-5 years intermediate knowledge points

(3) Android advanced programmer

Summary:Can solve the problem and find problems;

Skill:Manually write frames, design patterns, code specification, project progress, time estimation, start-up process, performance optimization, OOM, no overflow, JNI, script development, Activity startup process, IPC mechanism in Android (Binder principle) ,rightiOSWaiting for otherMobile development​​Current education, etc.

Requirements:It is possible to make a boot, such as writing a network frame, an event bus control, a special effects, etc., the focus is the energy of the product.

Android large factory interview high-level title collection

Android programmer 5-8 high-grade knowledge points

(4) Android technical expert

Summary: very proficient and focused on a certain aspect;

Skills: For example, the media module is very familiar with Android, reading the source code of the Android multimedia module, can change the deficiencies and bugs;

Requirements: Reading Android Source Code, has its own views on a module of Android and can have the corresponding revision capabilities, and can know the daily product development of team others.
“Android Source Code Analysis”

2. In-depth analysis of Alibaba routed frame arouter source code


Development is an object-oriented. We should find a job should be more interview. Even if I get the factory really just go to Ning screw, but when you want to learn to interview, make a plane not?

The author 13 years of Java transfer Android development, staying in the small factory, also has to go to Huawei, OPPO, etc., I entered Ali in April last year until now. Waiting for the big factory to have a lot of people. I know most of the primary intermediate Android engineers, they want to improve their skills, often to explore growth, and the learning effects of uncomfortable systems are long and helpless.

Here the technical system diagram related to the above technical systemInterview questions of Tencent, headline, Ali, US group and other companiesMake technical points into video and PDF (actually spend a lot more energy than expected), including知络 脉络 + Many detailsDue to the limited space, it will be displayed in the form of a picture.

I believe it will bring a lot of gains for everyone:


There are too many information, all display will affect the space, temporarily listed these pieces of screenshots

When a programmer is easy, when an excellent programmer is constantly learning, from primary programmers to senior programmers, from primary architects to senior architects, or to management, from technical manager to technical director, each Phase I need to master different capabilities. Determine your career direction early, in order to open the peers in the work and ability.

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