Hzero Micro Service Platform 01: Overall Introduction

Why use: Hzero is a free enterprise-level PaAS platform based on micro service architecture open source

  • Technology 3 is a micro-service application development platform that supports rapid development of enterprise business systems.
  • Solve many repetitive work issues facing product development and project implementation, reducing delivery costs and improving delivery efficiency.
  • Unified technical route, unified development specification, so that various products based on platform development can seamlessly dock, form a fused product, reduce the compatibility issues that are inconsistent with the different product technology routes, which is convenient for better delivery and customer usage Experience.

Overall architecture

Technical system

  • Nodejs, React, Ant Design
  • Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud
  • MYSQL, Redis
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Oauth2, JWT, SWAGGER


  • Gateway: Micro Service Gateway Service Based on Spring Cloud Gateway.
  • Platform Governance Service (Admin): Centralized management of routes, current limiting, fuse, permission refreshing and other functions.
  • Authentication (OAUTH): Based on Spring Security, Spring OAuth2, JWT implementation, unified authentication service center.
  • Identity Service (IAM): Permission Management Service, Permissions System for Platform Unity.
  • Platform Basics (Platform): Platform Basics, covering platform development support features, platform primary data, system management, etc.
  • Interface Document Service (SWAGGER): API documentation and debugging services for platform development tests.
  • Registration Center, Configuration Center (NACOS): Compatible with NACOS and other registration centers and configuration centers.


Source code
open-hand / hzero: Hzero-Based on Micro Service Architecture Open Source Free Enterprise PAAS Platform

Platform documentation