Intelligent storage | Video enhances "full-family bucket", quickly "changing face" for your video

Your video is also like this, blur, blurred, color gray, full of nostalgic colors, don’t say this is a sense of place, don’t blame the equipment is not high enough, don’t doubt your hand-disabled camera technology is not Don’t worry about being able to kill the pig’s knife is unbearable?

From now on, these issues will no longer be a problem.Data ElephantWorking with the multimedia laboratory to provide you with a video to enhance your full-value full bucket, includingVideo noise reduction, color enhancement, detail, super resolution, SDR to HDR, HDR2SDR and other capabilitiesThrough the combination of different capabilities, meet your various video enhancements and repair needs, so that the video quickly shines.

Tencent cloud data(Cloud Infinite, Ci) Enables processing of data, video, audio, documentation, etc. on the cloud, providing customers with professional integration data processing solutions coveringPicture processing, content review, content recognition, media processing, document processing, etc.Among them, the media handling service provides HDR conversion, speed HD, exciting highlights, super resolution, etc., in series, etc.

Let’s take a look at the video to enhance this series of combination of boxing how to make old, old, dark, poor video “手 春”.

Old film repair scene

The old film repair requires a lot of artificial picture repair in the traditional film and television production industry. However, artificial repair is not only difficult, but also cost is extremely high, and the data provided by the data is available, it will use the video to enhance the capabilities in the whole bucket.Data workflow(By workflow, you can quickly, flexible, on-demand to build data processing flow), no need for artificial adjustment, a 90-minute old movie, 7-8 hours can be repaired ,Greatly improve video repair efficiency.

Faced with a large number of damaged pictures, irregular intensive noise, multiple damage factors, etc. The functions in the whole bucket and the strength of each module, such as compression distortion, noise reduction, scratch snowflakes.

Next, it is also possible to open a variety of image quality enhancements, such as increasing the resolution, frame rate, bit depth, sharpness, dynamic range, and the like to further enhance the subjective quality.

See here is you? Do you have already pressed the old piece? Is such a powerful function to let you care about the past? In this, smart storage also provides you with more other features, hurry! Click on the link to hurry up: