Conda Different Computer Synchronization Applications

Synchronizing the environment between different platforms (WIN, Ubuntu, Mac)

This code is very simple, we will export a local environment and go to the second computer to import, the code is as follows:

Conda Activate My-Env # Enter the target environment Conda env export> my-env.yml # Export our environment, including: package, version, channel # After copying my-env.yml to the second computer, run CONDAENV CREATE -F my-env.yml

Ideally, this method does not require the same system, but in reality, if you encounter a problem that is incompatible with a package in different platforms (Win, Ubuntu, Mac), you only need to remove it.Compatible bagVersion number

Synchronize the environment with the platform (both WIN, are Ubuntu, all Mac)

This is simpler than the last code.

# Enter the first computer target environment Run CONDA LIST --EXPLICIT> my-env.txt # second computer Run Conda Create --Name New-Env --File My-env.txt